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If you are living away from home, food is certainly the thing which you miss the most. It is only when we staying in a PG/ HOSTEL that we realize how many tantrums we used to throw for making thing same thing again and again. Here a comparison is drawn on our food choices at home v/s what we get to eat while we are living in a PG/ROOM/HOSTEL.

What we eat:

There is nothing like our homes. While at homes we have countless options to eat we have to manage with a limited choice in PG. Healthy choices such as fruits and milk are just off the choice. ‘Bhaiya itne expensive fruits wo bhi khud khareed ke kon lega’? So we choose to escape to include in our diet.

When we are hungry:

Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner there are times when we feel a lot hungry, while at home we have multiple options to eat; in PG Maggi is our only saviour because no matter its day or night we end with eating Maggi.

Our outlook towards food:

Even the favourite food which is 9/10 in taste we used to shout at our mothers for not preparing good food, in PG we even start eating the food which we would have never eaten if our mothers would have prepared at home.

Dependency for food:

Our lives at home is a comforting one, most of the things are spoon-feed to us, So it is our mother who is struggling thinking about what to prepare. However, in PG the responsibility of managing the food completely lies on us. We have to think hard about what to eat.

Frequency of eating:

The number of times we eat at homes is just on-going. I think most of the times we are just eating only. However the same does not happen in PG, most of the time we skip eating something because we have to think about what to eat and that is a huge task to do.

Having talked about that I am now missing ‘GHAR KA KHANA’

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Nimisha Mittal

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