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Every single person matters in the organisation; it’s not just the management or the people sitting at the top who determine the success of an organisation. If any organisation does not have policies or regulations which are good enough for the employee to grow it can hardly survive in the market. Here are 5 essential things which are a must for any organization if they wish to flourish.

1. Quality work:

The quality of work done by the employees is what helps any organisation to establish in the market. If the management is not emphasising on the quality work they can never survive any type of competition and gradually digs a path of the failure for themselves. Quality work may demand some extra expenses in the short run but if an organisation compromises with the quality just for the sake of preventing expenses it cannot stand in the long run.

2. Appreciation:

It does not take a minute to appreciate the efforts of someone but it makes a lot of difference in employees’ performance if their work is appreciated by the authorities. The people who are actually putting in more efforts as compared to others should always be taken into consideration and be awarded by bonus, increment and words of praise. If they are not motivated for the efforts they put in they would ultimately stop doing that.

3. The goal of the company:

It is very important that every organisation has some short term and long term goals and an objective to achieve and having said that is equally important that the stakeholders whether it’s the management or the employees they should be clearly stated about these goals. An organisation that is running for the sake of company can anytime come to its closure.

4. Clearing Doubts:

If an employee or for that matter any person connected with the company has any doubts regarding the company’s goal or functioning of the company they should always be dealt with seriously. Instead of shutting their mouth just because they are questioning something is never the solution. It would be better if the management faces the questions honestly because ultimately it would impact the overall success of the organisation.

5. Understanding employee’s needs:

The people who are connected with the organisation have some basic financial, social and mental needs. If the organisation just thinks about them without really paying heed to the personal growth of the employees it won’t work in the long run because if the employees are not satisfied the company can never prosper.

It is thus essential that the organisation is sensitive towards all the people connected with the organisation if they really want to survive in the market.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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