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While browsing the internet we come across a lot of messages which disrupts our functioning and we are unable to move forward to a website or page we wish. However, do you really know about the common errors that you find while surfing the Internet?

1. Page not found-

‘404 not found’ is one of the most common error that we find on world wide web which means the browser was able to communicate with the server but the server could not find the page. In other words, the user is trying to access any web page to which server cannot connect may be because the link of the requested page is dead or broken.

2. Bad Gateway:

It means that the server which was acting as gateway failed while connecting to an upstream server. Such errors are completely independent of the browser you are using or your network. Thus there is very less you can do on your computer to solve this error.

3. Service unavailable:

This error comes when the server you are trying to connect is less active and happens when there is no coordination between the server of the user and the page you are trying to access. When you find an error DNS service unavailable it means there is an error from the server of user.

4. Connection timeout:

This error is a failure of network issue or because of the failure in the router. The error considerably means that the command you are trying to make cannot be completed because your system could not complete in the required time period. Try connecting to another website and see if it works and if does work there is a problem with that particular website.

5. Certificate warning:

This error is connected with the security of the website that you are trying to browse. If you are browsing a website and it displays the message of certificate warning it means that it is no longer trustable. It can also happen when the date of your computer isn't correct. So you can fix this problem by correcting your computer settings.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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