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Saree is one of the traditional dresses of India. And this belongs to females and gives a very feminine appearance to a girl or a woman. I think saree is the only outfit that females can wear on every occasion, whether it is their casual day, party night, traditional day, wedding, pooja, dinner with relatives or even a fashion show. In today’s time, we can see different ways of wearing a saree and this is the reason why love saree so much.

If you have a traditional day in your office or if you work in an educational sector then saree is the best option to look sophisticated in such environment to maintain the legacy. And when the day comes you want to look stylish or going to attain a fashion event you can experiment with your saree.

But wearing saree can be challenging if you don’t know how to wear it. And here is the best example when girls don’t know how to wear a saree. So we challenged all the girls in the office to wear saree in a minute, let’s see what happened ahead in the video.

Out of all 5 girls took the challenge and it was so hilarious when these girls tried tying saree. 2 out of 5 was almost there and they completed their challenge if we ignore how they tied their saree (hahaha).

Meanwhile, we have three girls who were unable to complete the challenge. One was trying to tie her saree from the palloo side while another one tied a knot on her waist and just wrapped the whole saree like we used to wrap it around a pole.

While the third one didn’t get the chance to do her pleats. But it was fun doing the challenge and sometimes it becomes necessary to organize such a thing to maintain the friendliness in the office environment.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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