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There have been a lot of cities that got their name changed for various reasons. While there been hundreds of cities, we would talk only about the prominent ones. The latest in it is Prayagraj which was previously known as Allahabad. People keep saying the older name as they are accustomed to it, and the new name seriously takes a while. Many of the people do not like that they change the name of the cities, and in that grudge they do not even use the new name.

Well, whether you use it or not you will definitely know what is the name of the city at present. Let us start from the city that is nearest to the capital of the country.

Old Name: Gurgaon
New Name: Gurugram
Year of Change: 2016

Old Name: Bangalore
New Name: Bengaluru
Year of Change: 2006

Old Name: Bombay
New Name: Mumbai
Year of Change: 1996

Old Name: Trivandrum
New Name: Thiruvanthapuram
Year of Change: 1991

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Old Name: Calcutta
New Name: Kolkata
Year of Change: 2001

Old Name: Madras
New Name: Chennai
Year of Change: 1996

Old Name: Poona
New Name: Pune
Year of Change: 1978

Old Name: Benaras
New Name: Varanasi
Year of Change: 1956

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- Rajat Priyam
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