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Most of the girls would know the name of the spice whether they know cooking or not. As girls are more inclined towards this cooking things, even they don’t like cooking still they know most of the things in their kitchen. But what about boys? I don’t say that all the boys can’t tell this, though some have an interest or sharp mind and when asked a question related to kitchen or food, they will tell you its answer.

So to confirm this, we have thrown a challenge to the boys in our office, to see how many of them will be successful in identifying the spices by tasting it while blindfolded.

We have put seven bowls of spices and the concept of the challenge is that- all the boys will be blindfolded and being in this situation they have to taste all the spice one by one and have told us what spices they have just tasted.

What do you think what could be the result? Hahaha! Actually, it is so funny, you will laugh just like I am laughing seeing the video.

Many of them were unable to find the right name of the spice, some were so close and some gave so hilarious answers that were so funny.

“Bhai yeh tumhara who hai…. yeh jeera hai” hahaha, that was wrong actually, he was stating rock salt as jeera.

I will also like to tell you that in the list of our contestants one is a married man and from him the expectations are, some boys were also there who are living alone and cook for themselves, and some are also there who never entered in the kitchen in their entire life.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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