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Bringing a smile on a crying child’s face is one of the toughest work in the world and it is highly applaudable too. Children have a softy tender and temperament, you cannot predict how long they will remain in the same state of mind. And if they lose down and starts crying, it nowhere appears entertaining. So If you are a parent and want to make happy your children or child. Here are some unique ways to do it.
1.Act like an odd person
The child reacts to the things that appear odd. If you can act or behave as an odd person likes; doing acting, smiling, loudly, and showing like a joker. All these things can work effectevily on your chilrend. You can even show something unique shows or characters on your TV if you are bad at doing acting.
2. Make some noise
Silent ambiance can be some fearful as a child seek interaction with them a healthy manner. You can make some noise to your child but not like shouting randomly but speaking loudly while making a strange facial expression. This is a traditional way but it still works.
3. Bring neighbor's children
A child often behaves well to a child. If there are other children in your neighborhood you can bring that child or you can take your child to that so that they could play something and your child will be happy to have a company.
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