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Admit it; we all have lied to our parents! While we were afraid to speak the truth in childhood, as we have grown up we still continue to hide things and plainly speak lies every lie and then. ‘They will never understand this, why we did it’, ‘the lie which does not harm isn’t a lie actually’, ‘this even does not count as a lie’. There are hundreds of justification we all have been giving to us to sympathize with ourselves and to prove ourselves that how much we are innocent.

Here are some of the plain lies we have told our parents…

1. When we had to buy something like a laptop

From convincing our parents to buy a laptop, scooty because it will help us in our studies, to go to tuition even when we knew we could do things without them were some of the tactics we used on our parents and they were quite successful too.

2. When we had to go to a college trip

I clearly remember how my parents never denied anything when it comes to studying and it was vice-versa when it comes to other things. So I had to use that as bait for going on some trip as well.

3. When we scored less marks in some subject

My parents, especially my father was very strict about academics so even a few marks in the subject mean I will be scolded by him. So I waited for the answer sheet of subjects in which I was confident so that I will be scolded less for the subjects in which I would have scored less.

4. When we did not want to go to college

My father is kind of 100% attendance types, both in school and college so unless I convinced there will be no class I had to regularly go to college. So yes, I had no option but to lie.

5. When we had some party at college-

The best we tried was to get permission for staying at a friend’s place and if that looked like a distant possibility the other option was to stay the night and the only way to do that was…

6. When we broke some accessories of the house

So yes we all have gone through this shit and had some unique ways of handling our shits. How did you do that?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits-Varun Singh

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