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Handling friendship with an opposite gender guy is not as usual as we consider. You need to understand its certain characteristics that we usually don't know. And your friend gets sad or annoyed due to some retains or circumstances so being a friend you need to heal his pain or anguish if he has. And as you are a girl and he is a boy. So having a male friend and treating in an emotional way is very soft tender of gesture that you need to care about. So if you have a male friend and he is annoyed due to some reasons, here are some tips that you can try to make him happy.
Having a conversation can heal anyone and every sort of pain. You can discuss the issue of the problem that what is that he is annoyed of. Your sympathetic gesture and words actually affect positively on his heart. You can share something about your personal incident if any such incident has taken place earlier before.
A smile is a very positive infection of love and care. Your smile can heal anyone's pain. And if you are a girl your positive smile can heal your male friend as according to psychologists an opposite gender’s sympathy impacts more than same-gender relation or friend.
Bring something
Your male friend may have some taste or like, dislikes, etc. So you can select some great gifts for him not for some special occasion but for giving some surprising element of the moment which will give him a joyous and happy moment.
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