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Our generation is a Netflix generation, we can compromise with the bread and better but when it comes to compromising with ‘Netflix and chill’, the answer is a big no. I know all of you might be nodding your heads right now. Right? So a big cheers to the generations which are downright different from the previous generations.

1. Worries

While we all have some worries in life, the common one of our generation include if are data pack is still there or not and when will our Netflix subscription end., which show is coming next and certainly we get a panic attack when some issues happen with it? Agreed?

2. Our Fear

Our generation is definitely not ‘Bhagwan ke Bhakts’ wali generation and while our parents and grandparents were still and are very particular about going to temples, praying and everything this hardly is in our to-do lists. Our biggest fear and struggles remain to manage the last few days of the month.

3. Habits

The weekend certainly means our day and that means we can live our life own way, means we don’t need to bathe or keep ourselves tip-top. If we confine ourselves in a room without doing anything else for two days of the week, it is absolutely okay for us, while our parents can hardly agree with this habit of ours.

4. How we celebrate

A celebration without a drink is an incomplete celebration for most of us and the first thing that comes to our mind when it is about the celebration is chilling and partying with friends. Am I right?

5. How we get frustrated

We are talking about some movie and we cannot remember what happens after that? All of us would agree that it is the utmost thing to remember that at that moment because we cannot actually concentrate on anything else.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits-Nimisha Mittal

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