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When it’s about world cup we cannot calm after all its ‘World cup’ and if someone says control your emotions man it’s just a match we can’t because if it’s world cup and that too semis our emotions are going to overpower everything, no matter we are die-hard fan of cricket or not. So yes India is playing semis and while everyone was hoping the obvious entry of India into finals especially after the yesterday’s knock of New Zealand but as Indian team went to the field for batting everything happened that nobody would have imagined.

This is how most of us felt as India lost 3 wickets for 5 runs. ‘Aree ab toh match khatam hai’, ‘Ab toh kya hi fayda match dekh kar’, ‘Kohli bhi out’, ‘Rohit puri series mein chala and ab out ho Gya’. These were some of the statements that I heard in the air sitting at my office. People were full of high tide emotions as India played every bowl of the match.

While our heartbeat suddenly dropped at its maximum as everything was happening, we were and still are in hope that India would not lose as we almost have had full faith on ‘Captain cool, Dhoni. ‘Aree abhi Dhoni hai’, ‘May be kuch ho jaye’. So yes as usual when this happens everyone’s eyes get struck at Dhoni. People went down the memory lanes of 2011 world cup when he did the same in the match and in many matches before and after that. So everyone believed that he would do it again.

As we were just hoping that everything would be fine here went another wicket. A lot of fans heartbeat almost stopped for a moment and they left in anger because obviously, they could not see India in a cold bloodied situation. However, there were and there are still some fans who went to support the team India and want to do that till the end no matter what happens in the end. They are stuck to their seats and cannot afford to miss a single ball of the match.

While the high match is still on and I cannot miss any breathless moment of the match, I will leave you. Tell us how are you feeling?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits-Nimisha Mittal

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