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Today everyone in his world wants to live a long life, but his life is determined by his habits, if his habits and eating habits are good, then his body will also be healthy and that person will live long because diseases inside his body would have been eliminated before only, and today we are going to tell you about five things which you have left from today onwards, if you also wish to have a long life.
1) Microwave Popcorn - Whenever you go to watch a movie, you love popcorn, but do you know that popcorn is cooked inside the microwave, and this has proven That microwave-made thing can give you cancer, so do not eat popcorn cooked in microwave at all.
2) Palm Oil - Which oils do you use, this thing also determines your health in your food because palm oil is a very dangerous oil for you, which is being used in a racket in today's time. The dishes are being fried in palm oil and people are eating it because palm oil is cheaper but this can also give you cancer and this has also been proved, so try that You must eat fried things in mustard oil or olive oil only.
3) Soda - The use of soda in today's time has also increased very much. When the soda is added to a meal then the beauty of that dish increases, but let you know that in the Ayurveda, soda has been treated as poison and some People drink cold drinks with a lot of friction, which is made only of soda and sugar and therefore you should give up the use of soda if you want to live a long life.
4) Egg - Now enough people will write abusive words in this comment that nothing will happen by eating eggs, but some scientists believe that eating eggs can be harmful to health as it was found in a study. In America, people who eat an egg every day also have high cholesterol levels and they are 11% more likely to have heart attack problems, hence the intake of eggs should be left from today onwards if you do not want diseases related to the heart and also to have a long life.
5) Red meat - At Stanford University, it was revealed that people who eat red meat lives less than 5 years than vegetarians and this time cancer is spreading in Bollywood and the biggest reason is that Bollywood Big stars use red meat to keep their skin beautiful, and therefore you should not eat red meat if you want to live a healthy and longer life.
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