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Let’s be honest people can expectorate at you and you cannot let them pause no matter what happens. Imagine if your mother is shouting at you f you cannot shut her mouth, the maximum you can do is shout back at her, which is not at all advised to do at the first ways. While you are at a disadvantage when something of this nature happens here are some hilarious way people deal with the insults.

How parents deal with it:

Indian moms are an exception when it comes to attacking her children with ‘Big taunts’. Repeating the same words in a sarcastic tone is one of the unique ways. Consider an example; You asked your mother if you could stay at your friend’s place( Mummy mein aaj friend ke yaha ruk jau kya) , to this she would reply why just today, do one thing don’t come for the whole week and then would end the sentence with a similar thing( Friend ke yaha ruk jau).

Friends and insults..

While having a battle over words is the most common thing that happens between friends there are some unique ways we deal with that. For instance, if someone is abusing Kutta, we would instantly throw Kutta on them in a quick moment. If someone is really creative they would increase the pitch or loudness of the same.

How Indians deal with Colleagues:

What are the creative ways Indians insult back their colleagues? There are some unique patterns observed when such happens in the workplace. One can witness everything that happened in their past through these words battle.

What are your ways to deal with the insults?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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