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When it comes to forming a social circle we don’t have 100% control over who these people would be and talking about myself I have never been part of a big group of friends. While I saw a big bunch of friends in my college I envy of not having one at that at a time, however, I realize having less but good friends in a group is the best thing you can have as you grow up. Yes, the indefinite fun and craziness associated with big squad cannot be knocked down by small groups. If you are also fortunate to be part of a crazy bee’s squad there are few things which you should never ignore.

1. Sidelining some people in the group:

While there is nothing wrong if you have a better equation with one person in the group but that should not be always reflected in your actions, for example, if 3 people are meeting in a group and you have a better bonding with the one person than you should not ignore the things said by the other. If you two remain busy in each other that the other person may feel sidelined which would affect the integrity of the group so never ever let that happen.

2. Giving over-emphasis on ‘Me’ factor:

When you are in a group you cannot always give significance to what you like, dislike and what are your needs. Being in a group means that you have to keep going with everyone’s interests as well. A mutual decision must be taken according to what the majority of the people agrees for. If you respect other’s need the other will automatically understand your needs as well.

3. Back-bitching about ‘some’:

It would be better if you solve the issues if there are any directly with the person involved because if you try to involve the other person and gossip about them it is likely that it would create differences between third person and the person involved.

4. Competition is a big No:

While it is okay to take motivation from the others, however, if you envy about everything it will only ruin your friendship. For example, if there is one person in the group who is appreciated with their abilities for taking a decision then you should not feel jealous of them and thinking that they are getting undue significance is a completely wrong idea.

Thus, Divide and rule policy just for the sake of giving undue importance to yourself is something which should be completely avoided if you want your friendship to survive for the long term.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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