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What will be your reaction if someone calls you not by your name but by a beautiful whistle tune? Will you respond or just get shocked and start wondering if someone is calling the birds. But this is a common scenario in a remote Khashi village, Kongthong, where people have tunes instead of names.
The people of Kongthong, Meghalaya are practising their unique whistling tradition till now.
A mother composes a caller tune for their child which can be roughly 1 minute long.
The tunes are called Jingrwai Lawbei.
If someone doesn’t like Caller Tune given by their mother he can change it by composing a tune for himself.
These tunes don’t have any lyrics or meaning. It’s just like a bird’s call sound.
As this village is located between hills, when someone calls another person by caller tune, the sound travels far and wide.
As mobile phones are hardly working in this area this is a far more effective way to call each other.
They don’t have any written or tape records of these tunes, but people of this village remember each and every person’s caller tunes.
Courtesy: Google
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