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From everything good part about Indian Weddings, Food is the best part of it and we genuinely don’t want to miss so much good food we get to eat at one place, no limitations. I just love that part of Indian weddings and if we love foodie I suppose we cannot resist ourselves from having these all these thoughts.

So have a look at some of the hilarious thoughts that comes in our mind when we know that we have to go to a wedding.

Controlling our appetite
We don’t eat anything from outside the entire day because we know that we have to go to some wedding of the distant relatives or neighbours, whom will hardly know so we store our appetite for the night so that we could eat more than our capacity. We don’t want to miss anything at weddings.

I clearly remember the hilarious conversations between me and my siblings. When I said I was feeling hungry and would say to my brother to bring something to eat. To this, he would reply “Aree shadi mein ja toh rahe hai waha kha liyo, pagal’( We have to go to the wedding, why to waste money now). So from here started the craziness which has had the long journey ahead.

Finally comes the moment we were eagerly waiting for!
So as we enter the wedding hall we don’t waste our time in anything else. So without any delay, we would sneak into the food court the moment we find the opportunity because “Itni toh sharam bachi hai yaar”. So yes! Now as we get the opportunity to be part of the moment we were eagerly waiting for. We take one round of most of the things possible. So from ‘Aalu Tikki’ to ‘ Chowmein’ to “Dahi Bhalla’ we eat the most we could.

Here comes the dilemma in our mind...
After that, we will wait for some time so that we could have another round of our favourite things. So yes once we have had the second round of the things there happens a dilemma in our mind and I suppose you know what that dilemma is. Right?

Should I taste the main food? At least, some vegetables? But don’t we eat the food every day, we can miss now. If I ate that I won’t be able to eat the dessert.

The quintessential thing we don't want to miss..
So we deal with all these questions having a long discussion in our mind. The answer to all these questions varies differently every time depending on our mood and situation. Now when we have eaten everything we don’t want to miss two things, first is ‘Gol Gappa’ and the other is ‘Coffee’. So we try our best to have the taste of both.

Now once we have eaten more than our capacity to eat, we are finally satisfied at the moment but does that thought remains for long. As soon as we leave the venue there is something that occurs in our mind that we should have eaten, at least once we have reached the home and got fresh. Right?

Tell us did you relate with the piece?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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