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Just imagine if you are paid for nothing? Does it make you feel excited? I wonder a lot of people would already have made their travel plans in the homecoming of the free money in their bank accounts. Well, the idea does not seem to excite me at all. You maybe feel how is that even possible, I am lying and nothing else. However, believe me, there exists a lot of people of a similar kind who are habitual of doing work ever since and sitting idle makes them sick.

Here is the difference between the two sets of divided people on the same:

1. Happiness:

There are certainly two kinds of work; the first being which requires applicability of mind and the other being which does not utilise the brain at all. While the first category of people are those who cannot survive to do the work which does not require a brain and the rest are those who are just concerned with salary coming in their bank accounts, it does not matter what kind of work they are doing.

2. Satisfaction:

There are certain professions in which they might not have regular work, so if that happens they would feel depressed, worried for wasting their time, while the other sets of people feel happy when they have no work because they like to sit idle doing nothing.

3. Learning:

Learning is important for personal growth. If you are doing the same work every day, with no scope to learn you will remain at the same position the entire life. So while some people always find an opportunity to learn something everything, the others hardly bother about it.

4. Priority:

Personal growth v/s money is two basic priorities in life. While for some people money is what matter for them, the others strive for personal growth because they have bigger dreams to achieve in life.

5. Challenge:

While everyone cannot handle too many pressures, the others are too good at handling the work pressure. They love doing work and can handle multi-tasking they love doing that.

Tell us in which category do you fall?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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