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So many of the people writing the article and thought of their minds and catching money in the way. But the actual Moto of an article is not that way, because article is not a thing to learn or in some other way it is going to get, it is the heart and mind of the person who is writing an article. His mind and heart should be dedicated at a time to write an article. According to me it is not that so easy thing to write an article.
Actually article is started some hundreds of years ago at the time people don't know how to read and write ,why I'm saying is based on one thing that I am going to discuss with you a person doesn't know how to write and read anything, but one day while he was going alone in the forest he saw a tiger passing the way he was so frightened the tiger was very hungry that should definitely make him as his meal. So he thought to save himself from the tiger. But nobody was passing in that way. So he got an idea that to represent something as he was in danger and could see by someone anyone can help me. He saw some rocks over there, he thought to make a picture representing that tiger and him that tiger eating people. But unfortunately the tiger ate him but his writing 's on the rock has not gone useless. One day the king and queen are entering into the forest in that way where the tiger is going to stay, they saw the rock and something has been written on that day they come very closer and understand the picture on the rock. They saved their lives. So this is a small story about how much of importance is there for writing.
Many people say what do you think of the article is just writing. Yes, it is just writing a piece of information but with the piece of information so many pieces of many things can combine together. Anybody can write an article but that is not a complete article that should be published in the newspaper or in any magazine at the time you will get some value for the article which you have written about it.A: AUDIENCER: RELATIONT: TARGETI: INFLUENCEC: COURAGEL: LEARNINGE: EARNING
Everyone has their own identity in doing anything. But a writer is different from all other streams. We cannot compare a writer with any other work. Because writing is not a work it's a passion, love, etc. In the way, the article should reach the target s of the audience. So to write an article there is no fix of time and energy, we can write it anywhere, anytime.
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