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From beautiful modern cities to delicious traditions an island city-state off southern Malaysia is worth a visit despite being a small country. While the place offers experiences of different cultures and languages, there are some of the beautiful experiences which one cannot forget in the lifetime.

From everything wonderful here, ice cream sandwich of the place is one such delicious fantasy. While you might have usually tasted sandwiches consisting of vanilla ice cream or else if you are in a great mood you would have tried putting your favourite ice cream flavour between two freshly baked cookies.

An ice cream sandwich made with bread is the iconic ice cream sandwich that one can find in Singapore. This sandwich is made from a brick of ice cream wrapped in an actual slice of bread! You can choose your ice cream flavour, and some vendors even wrap it in a lightly sweetened rainbow-coloured piece of bread.

This sandwich is thus a brick of ice cream wrapped in a bread which one might not easily find here. From vanilla to choco chips to strawberry to mint you can choose your favourite flavours for the iconic sandwich of Singapore.

Well if you are wondering where you can find this ice cream? The ice cream sandwich can be easily found along the Orchard Road, from Ion Orchard towards Takashimaya or else you can spot the vendors selling the sandwich very easily in Singapore.

Location: Orchard Road (along the shopping mall street from Ion Orchard to Takashimaya)
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22
Opening Hours: No fixed time but usually can be spotted in the afternoon.

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