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The Dogbrella:
The Dogbrella, in theory, makes a lot of sense. Who likes the smell of a wet dog? No one. That’s who. Plus, the first thing your dog will do is shake off all that water into your house. So, the Dogbrella makes a lot of sense. The only cost is your pride and $29.95.
Pizza Scissors:
The pizza cutter wheel is a finely crafted invention with no equal. Why, then, would anyone think they needed to invent Pizza Scissors? Don’t be the guy with Pizza Scissors. It’ll benefit no one.
Hoodie Pillow:
We’ll be honest. The Hoodie Pillow might be the next best thing since the Snuggie. Sometimes you need to warm your head while you nap. It’s just a fact of life. Weird or not, this one might be worth owning
The Coffee Mug Iron
The Coffee Mug Iron, you use the heat of your coffee to iron out a few wrinkles. It’s great because it helps you kill two birds with one stone by looking like a weirdo while you ironing your clothes.
Hug Me, Pillow,
You’re lonely. You need the feeling of an arm wrapped around you. It’s totally understandable. But, you know, if you have to get the Hug Me Pillow, maybe balance it out with a hobby like rock climbing?
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