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There are so many things which are banned or considered Illegal in India which we do not know. We must be aware of these illegal things which are forbidden by the law. Today youth is taking the things like laws very seriously in concern
•If you see money lying around and if it is more than 10 Rupees, you are doing a criminal act by not reporting it.
The “Treasure Trove Act of 1878” says that any treasure you came across or find belongs only and only to the Queen. If you came across rupee notes, if it is less than 10 rupees then you can happily keep it. But if you find more money than 10 rupees lying around, you have to report it to the authorities otherwise you are a criminal too.
•It’s Illegal to fly a kite without a permit.
According to the “Indian Aircraft Act of 1934”, It is totally illegitimate to fly a kite without a permit. If you do so you are wrong!
•It is Illegal for more than 10 couples to dance on the same floor.
According to “Licensing and controlling places of Amusement,1960”, more than 10 couples cannot share the same stage. If found, authorities can abandon the event then and there.
•It is Illegal to get your ears cleaned and teeth fixed by roadside vendors
According to “Chapter V, Section 49 of the Dentist Act of 1948”, roadside ear cleansing and teeth fixing is considered as illegal in India. But poverty scenarios will never let these shops’ shutter to shut down
•It is Illegal to attempt suicide.
According to the “Section 309 of IPC”, attempting suicide is an Illegal case. A fine is supposed to be imposed, even if you are successful in suicide. It is a punishable offense.
•It is Illegal to have factories that do not have spittoons where the worker works.
The “Factories Act of 1948” says that there has to be a regular number of spittoons on the factory floor for the workers to spit on. It is a brutal act in the time whee workers are trying hard in Maruti and Honda to meet their boss’s demands.
•Pimping is illegal in India, but prostitution isn’t.
We live in a country where people never think or raise big issues, but try to make a story out of small issues. There are so many high alert areas that exist in India which are never told as Illegal, but if you try to pimp, you are an offender. A great society isn’t it?
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