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The struggling 9-5 job makes it hard to come up with new ideas. The fatigue and frustration associated with this routine monotonous life hardly give us a chance to be creative in life. However, if you are in a creative profession, be it writer, designer, dancer, chef, musician, comedian, or amateur mime, requires you to maintain your creative level.

So here are some ways you can jolt down in your diary when you are running short of ideas.

1. Daydreaming

Daydreaming is, in fact, a very creative way to be creative. While it is important that you stay practical in your life but if you are someone who likes to think about a lot of unexpected, weird and strange things, it actually helps you to maintain a stock of ideas. Thus never stop daydreaming because the moment you will close the door of imagination, the door of ideas will eventually stop by itself.

2. Switch your surroundings

Yes, our surroundings add a lot of creativity to our space. The more innovative space you have to work, the more creative ideas you will have to work. Have you ever tried a new and unusual workspace, like your car? It can actually do a lot of wonders. Try strange and unusual places to work.

3. Reach out

The more you travel, the more you interact with people, the more you broaden you range and surroundings to work with and work in the more ideas you will get it. It is thus crucial that you reach out to the maximum peoplen as anti-social tendencies have their limit. Thus trying meeting new people. You will come up with fresh and new ideas.

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