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The British Nutrition Foundation believes that from the age of 5, children's diet should include starchy carbohydrate, fruits and vegetables, and some protein and dairy foods. Below are some of the most important nutrients that every child should be included in the daily diet.
Protein is very important for your child's physical and mental development. Protein is needed for proper development, maintenance and repair of the body. For this, you can include red meat, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products, pulses, beans and soy products in the child's diet.
The more important the protein is for the development of the child, the more carbohydrate (starchy foods) it is also important for its overall development. This is considered to be the best source of energy for your growing baby. For this, you feed your child with plenty of carbas rich in starch like potato, rice, oats and bread. Whole grains are also rich in high fiber.
To stay healthy, your baby also needs fat in the diet that is fat. However, it is important to ensure that you give the child good fat and the right amount. For this, you can make the child use fatty foods like meat, fish, dairy products, ghee, butter, nuts, etc. Try to give unsaturated fat instead of the child's saturated fat. Because with saturated fat, your child may later be at risk of serious health problems like heart disease.
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