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Parents often find their children sitting in the same state, especially when the children are of very young age. It is very easy for the children to sit on knees, in which they sit behind their legs and sit on both sides. This situation is called 'W' status in English. Although many people consider this condition as harmful, but parents do not have to fear it, but they should definitely improve the habits of children.
Why is it that the knee-jerk is bad
Sitting can be defined as a new health disease. Although sitting on the knee for a long time may lead to pain in the lower part of the spine and waist, due to which there may be trouble in sitting and many kinds of problems. Continuing to sit in one position may cause pressure on your lower body parts such as hips and knee joints.
Pain in joint can be due to the knee bent
Having children sitting on a continuous knee can cause hyperbolic conditions, which can cause pain in their joints and weakening the trunk muscles. Actually, it happens in a situation when he is constantly sitting on knee and he does not get as active as he can, as much as he needs.
Pressure on many parts of the body
Sitting on the knee for long, pressure on the neck, shoulders, and the upper part of the back. Along with this, if your child constantly watches the TV sitting on the knee or has a lot of weight on his shoulder then he will start to have pain in these places and he will have to face the problem.
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