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Increasing cholesterol, high blood pressure and weight gain have become very common nowadays. In this way, it is very important to be careful about your catering. This is the reason that doctors recommend staying away from consumed and used in junk food. In your diet, instead of all these things, add foods and drinks that are healthy for you and keep you away from diseases.
Fiber-rich millet can help reduce your cholesterol level so that you keep away from heart diseases. It helps in controlling cholesterol levels by blocking bad cholesterol in the body and preventing arteries from blocking. From which you keep away from heart diseases such as heart attack. Besides, millet also helps in protecting against many other diseases.
Bajra is such a grain, which is helpful in reducing your weight as well as giving you energy. Therefore, if you consume the khichdi made from millet, then it will keep your weight under control. The appetite of millet will keep your hunger calm, which helps in controlling the weight.
Bajra helps control your level of blood pressure. It is also a good source of magnesium and potassium present, which is helpful in controlling blood pressure. Apart from this, due to the presence of carbohydrate in millet, it is helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. It is also beneficial for your bowels. Due to the presence of slowly digested starch in it, it can have a positive effect on diabetes. In addition, millet is rich in magnesium, which can help reduce diabetes risk.
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