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There are unique places on earth that even scientists cannot explain.
Western Venezuela's Never-Ending Light Storm:
Normally storms can be for a few minutes but in Western Venezuela, A storm is never-ending. Every day at 7 PM, the lightning storm begins for 10 hours continuous. Scientists are guessing that the surrounding mountains are to be blamed for a never-ending light storm. But they are not sure about it.
This place is in England. This place is made of stones. Stonehenge has constructed a thousand years ago and they are in the same position to date. Today we have machines to lift up heavy materials to build giant buildings. But thousands of years ago there were no machines so how they had put such heavier stones without the help of any machine. These stones cannot be lifted without any machine as it is having a weight of 4-37 tons. So how they had put such stones? Even Scientists are not been able to explain how they had put such stones.
The Boiling River In The Amazon:
The temperature of this river is so high that any person or animal that falls into it literally boils alive. This river runs at an unbelievable 91 degree Celsius.No one can figure out what makes the water so hot. As per one of the scientists, Boiling waters are typically attached to an active volcano. But there is no active volcano in the Amazon. Even scientists are not been able to explain the reason for it.
Movile Cave:
Can you believe that there is one place on the earth having its own ecosystem and having its own atmosphere? Movile Cave is the place that has its own ecosystem and atmosphere. This place has remained closed in complete darkness for 5.5 million years. Scientists found a lake of sulfuric water. The Air was filled with hydrogen sulfide. This air is completely toxic to humans and animals.
Circles Of Namibia:
Namibian forests are full of snakes, elephants and hundreds of evenly placed circles. These circles are real. Scientists have no clued that how these circles have appeared in the forest.
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