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We all are aware that there is no gravity on the Moon. But even on the earth, there are places where gravity level is zero.
Magnetic Hill In Leh, India:
In Leh, there’s a place called Magnetic hill where you can find zero levels of gravity. If you are going to put your car on a neutral even though your car will run at a speed of 12 mph.
The Crooked Forest, Poland:
In this forest, you are going to find strangely looking palm trees. Around 400 trees look like in different shape and the reason is there is no gravity that is why trees look like in a curve manner.
Kinder River:
In this River, you will find that waterfall doesn’t even touch the soil. At this place, the level of wind is so high that the waterfall gets into the opposite level.
Golden Rock, Myanmar:
It’s the best tourist attraction place in Myanmar. A big solid rock stands at the edge of the mountain and that too for 2500 years. If you are going to look at the first instance then your reaction would be it’s going to fall but it stands from the last 2500 years.
Oregon Vortex:
This place is known as a haunted place. Even the USA government has named this house as Forbidden ground. At this place, you can not even stand straight. The gravity level of this place is very abnormal as you are going to lean and you will find difficult to stand straight.
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