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If you are facing the biggest dilemmas of your life, you just need one thing in life and that is the mature advice from the MATURE BAG boy. From advice to look attractive and cool to solving your biggest relationship problems, he has solutions for every problem of life.

So, here are the 5 best advice from him, read it because your life is certainly going to change very soon.

1. The popular 'Mature Bag' to look attractive and cool.

If you are worried about your popularity in college and does not know what you should DO. Well, this boy has a very simple solution for you. What you need to do is buy this mature bag from Amazon for 1100 and your life will simply change.

2. Friendship with partner’s friend is the Best relationship advice

Dealing with a breakup is one of the difficult phases we have had in our lives and when we have such phase our mind literally gets chokes. So if you are also going with the same phase and or have been in such a phase, all you need to do is friendship with his/her best friend. Yes, according to him our best friend is the one person whom we will discuss it and if we have good terms with her we would never have any breakup.

3. People judge you for shoes.

Just like a mature bag you need a good pair of quality shoes because subconsciously people will judge for your shoes and if you have good shoes you can certainly impress anyone.

4. Best advise for Goa trip

A pair of good quality chapal and shirt is what you need for a Goa trip.

5. Do you know from where you can buy mature clothes?

Just like mature bags, there are mature clothes as well. So if you want to buy clothes you cannot but from anywhere you need to go to a brand factory.

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