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It is really painful when someone shuns you and acts like you don't exist especially when you shared so much. The social media, however, has made us do that so conveniently without even grasping the magnitude of what it brings to our feat. The truth is the degree of emotional attachment with the person determines the restless it brings to us but still we don’t care. Is this way of putting an end to any argument actually right? Are we afraid enough to deal with the situation or we simply opting out of the situation makes us feel better?

Blocking someone so conveniently affects us badly

While the fact that we don’t block friends that conveniently the same happens when we are in a relationship is something which triggers my belief in relationships. Does it have to do with the fact that friendships stay with us longer and somewhere in our heart we believe that? Clearly, I don’t have the answer for this, one thing that is for sure that it affects us emotionally that bad.

Preventing people to reach out to you indicates about your bonding:

The question, however, is “Is the understanding between you so feeble that you need to close all doors of communication? Do you really think preventing people from reaching out to you affects your decision about them in any way or you did it to take a break for some time? Well, the answer indicates the kind of bonding you both share because there would not be need of blocking if the level of understanding was strong enough to deal with the situation.

Does blocking mean you are insensitive?

The way we casually block someone necessarily indicates our immaturity and insensitive to deal with the situations? If you feel that you were getting harassed and the only option left was to block? It is really sad how the relationship has actually turned into. Love as it is called turned people into what it should never be.

Is it the ethical way to end any relationship?

Anyways I don’t appreciate this feature of social media and the kind of pain it causes either when you block someone or get blocked by someone. It has made us so easy to break any relationship but does breaking any relationship by blocking someone is the ethical way to end any relationship? Is it the only way is the question we should always ask before blocking because blocking someone clearly blocks our state of mind as well?  

Well, I don’t think so.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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