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The war of emotions is never an easy one. There is a constant love and hate battle between the emotion of mind and emotion of our hearts. Who overpowers? Well, difficult to decide! Here are relatable illustrations of the situations to which we all have all been there, not once but many times. The sophisticated head in these situations says ‘Absolutely not!’ but the carefree heart says ‘Oh, please, please, yes.’ 

1.      When you don’t feel coming to office-

Who wants to work 9-5 every day? The fact that we come to the office every day on time signifies that our mind dominates in this sphere but there are times you can’t resist listening to your hearts because after all ‘ Dil toh bacha Hai Ji’

2.      When you want to buy some useless item-

Our mind thinks about the future and our heart feels what we want and while mind wants to secure our future our heart says screw the future dammed! Live in the present.  

3.      When you want to eat something-

Our mind cares about our body but our heart cares about us. It wants us to do what we like. Right our heart is so generous. 

4.      When you decide to study-

It is really difficult to manage studies while work but our mind wants us to do multi-tasking as it wants us to see success in life, however, like always our heart is little carefree!

5.      When you are watching some show at night:

Our mind is very serious and wants us to be punctual in our lives so it warns of the consequences in the future but does heart really bothers about the consequences. Doesn’t seem so!

Cannot stop yourself from laughing? Here are 2 more for you!

6.      When you see a hot guy

7.      When you haven’t completed target and you don’t feel like working

Did you notice my mind speaks in English and heart in Hindi because the mind is sophisticated and thinks with logic? Of course, it will! And our heart thinks says fuck the logic! Certainly, our heart overpowers our mind most of the times.  

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits-Anjali Sharma

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