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Fear is a powerful emotion. Powerful enough to stop potential world-changing discoveries, powerful enough that because of its presence, a lot of ideas and innovations don’t see the light of the day.
Fear of failing, fear of getting rejected, fear of losing the position in the company, is what has made so many people hesitate and decide not to put their hand up when asked to start something new at the organization.
Companies need to give their people an environment where they don’t have the fear of failing and provide them the strength to rise up if they do. That’s how successful ventures are built.
Imperialism ended in this country 70 years ago. But do you feel that it still runs in your organization? Do your people breathe freedom when they step in at work? Does your environment has that air of freedom about it? If you haven’t created such an environment yet, create one.
If you think you have, make it better. If you have made it better, then maintain it. The forefathers didn't fight for anything if the free citizens do not have any feeling of freedom in their offices.
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