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Thanks to the Indian tradition of “Atithi Devo Bhavah”, we find it okay to torture our relatives with the surplus food and presents even if they are not willing to. I belong to the Punjabi family and my father is obsessed with inviting anyone and everyone to homes and then forcibly serving them the overflow of foods and drinks till the time they don’t get pissed off. However he is not only one of kind, but most of the middle-class Indian families also associate themselves with this habit

So here are a few hilarious things that happen when guests come to Indian families.

1.     We finally get to see the expensive cutlery of our homes stored in some treasure:

The antique cutlery of our homes finally comes out when guests come. Every middle-class family maintain two separate categories of cutleries at homes; the cheap one which is available for the family members and the expensive one which is strictly forbidden for the family members and is well-preserved until any special guests come to the house. Not just the cutlery, we maintain two categories for the eatables as well; for instance: Parle G for family members and bakery biscuits for the guests, Normal rice for family members and Basmati rice for the guests.

2.     Our mothers suddenly become the master-chef:

The recipe for preparing food also gets upgraded as the guests come; Food items would be prepared with more ghee and menu of the eatables suddenly become so lavish. It is surprising how our mothers become master chefs. That is the reason probably one best thing we like when guests come because so many options are available in our plates which is like a dream come true otherwise.

3.     Serving guests is the opportunity to showcase how much we can spend:

The elders find immense pleasure in serving guests, from flaunting about an option ‘A’, option ‘B’, option ‘C’ and option ‘D’ for everything to pressuring them to eat everything they just don’t have any lines. From snacks to the main course to deserts they will present everything to them as if it is their last chance to serve them. 

4.     The ritual of giving presents:

If that wasn’t sufficient we torture each other by giving presents, not just on the festivals but every other occasion as well. If you belong in any such family you must have gone through the struggle of giving and taking money when someone is not agreeing to take that. It isn’t less than any task to convince people to take and for that matter denies if you are someone who does not believe in taking those presents.

 Do you know what is the best part? Kids, who get trapped in the middle of a battle between parents and relatives.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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