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 Bollywood movies have made us believe that ‘PYAR DOSTI HAI’ (Love is friendship). If you are not a good friend you cannot love each other. Partners are in fact our special friends with whom we share a strange and unique bonding. However quite contrary to this saying we hardly do share our true version with each other. If you are like our relationship isn’t like that. Well, these illustrations demonstrate how we are afraid to present our true self in a romantic relationship.

1.        When you don’t have money for the party:

If we are planning to hang out and unluckily we don’t have enough money what exactly will you do? Well in friendship we are never afraid to say ‘We don’t have money and ask our friends to pay on behalf of ourselves. Do we do the same in front of our partners? Sadly, the answer is No. Instead we prefer to borrow from our friends more than we could afford merely for the sake of showcasing something which we are not in the first place.

2.        How we behave when we don’t like anything:

Imagine going to a restaurant or any other sophisticated place how do we behave? Well with our partners we try to hide our true self just to impress them especially if it’s the beginning of any relationship. This isn't the case with friendship.

3.        When we get pissed off with something:

While experiencing different sets of emotions like frustrations, anger is a normal affair in any relationship, be it friendship or romantic relationship. We often end up breaking the romantic relationship more often when compared to friendship. There happen to be an accepted reality that friendship needs not to be broken easily.  

 4.        Requirements:

Friendship is above things like looks, money balance, how we talk and walk, and these things matter a lot when it comes to any romantic relationship, and in fact, these are the deciding factors for any relationship.

5.        Showcasing the reality:

It is hard to accept this reality but no matter how much we have a good understanding we can’t boldly say everything to them because we are afraid that it would ultimately break the relationship.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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