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The cutest creatures on this planet are the first one to be domesticated by human beings. Not only they can melt anyone’s heart they bring an important change in the lives of people. Here are four ways they are transforming the lives of people, after all, they are man's best friend for a reason.

1.      Helping physically disabled people:

Apart from performing roles like guarding people, these creatures are aiding the disabled people as well. There are various organizations which train cute puppies for specific functions like these. One of such organization is Dog A.I.D, founded in 1992 it helps to improve the quality of life of physically disabled people of U.K. Training not only helps the dogs to assist these people in the everyday functions but also save a life in crucial circumstances.

2.      Healing companions for people:

A therapy dog is a dog which is trained to provide affection and comfort to the people. They are healing companions for people dealing with health issues like cancer, anxiety disorder and autism. They are also sent to other locations such as retirement homes, nursing homes, schools and disaster areas. 

3.      Used in Law enforcement:

Police dogs assist in dealing with crimes by searching for drugs and explosives, locating missing people, finding shreds of evidence in the crime scene, backup and personnel protection as well.

4.      They are man’s best friend:

The history of dogs as an intelligent creature to understand the emotions of human beings makes it man’s best friend. The unconditional love of the dog and how its ability to understand what exactly is going on makes it the best companion.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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