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With the advent of the New Year and a new decade, things are expected to take a good turn when it comes to professionalism. With a rising technical prowess and artificial intelligence, humans are expected to accelerate their pace and run in a balanced way. For that matter, it is extremely essential to update one's existing skills to meet the rising demands of the companies around the globe. Let’s list down the four most important soft skills that have to be checked and upgraded this year:

1. Finding solutions for complex problems
With the ever fast-paced environment and complexity at work, prompt decision making has to be amongst the most essential skills of an employee. Unless you are bold enough to take a decision at the need of an hour, your value somewhere around diminishes. The more you think, the more you invite problems in your smooth-running process. A leader is the one who takes decisions ensures the smooth running of the company.

2. Coordination
What is work even without coordination? Only when you get to communicate with your team, you develop that organic bond without which the entire organization or all it’s effort would seem null and void. It is only when you catch hold of your teams unique skills only then you come up strong together hence solving any crucial task.

3. Emotional Intelligence
If you are way too rigid and is not really interested in anybody’s emotion, you’re likely to receive flak for it. Nobody would want to adhere to a person who is emotionally unavailable be it in personal life or a professional one. You need to ensure a proper understanding with and within your team mates. There has to the presence of care and compassion in work as well to ensure that no individual is getting mentally drained at work.

4. Flexibility
In order to adapt with the fast growing commercial environment , a company along with its team has to have the very caliber of swiftness and ability to blend with the demanding circumstances.

Author- Rishita Chakraborty
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