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When we talk about entrepreneurs, we know what big deal and what helluva of responsibilities comes along with the term. It either took a very simple idea or a very complex one to get modified into a simpler one. An entrepreneur is just a synonym of mastermind and today we bring you the top most successful entrepreneurs of the decade 2009- 2019 and how strong they’re still going:

1. Steve Jobs
Quite a well-known fact and there’s no need to assert how and why he falls first in the line. The status quo which he has set for the world with that half-eaten apple logo is enough to explain why he stands at the top. Apple comes with up the smoothest and the safest gadgets and still, there’s no other software developer that can beat it.

2. Jeff Bezos
The mastermind behind the giant online retailer Amazon, he has set his brand in such a way that other online shopping sites needs to measured according to its standard. Excelling in the field a giving a face to the e-commerce field he stands in the second position of the decade’s most successful business tycoon.

3. John Mackey
Opening 145 stores of Whole Foods worldwide from the year 2000 to the year 2009, Mackey is known to be the mind behind the supermarket giant. His unique concept of “wait for it” organic growth is the one that won hearts.

4. Mark Zuckerberg
Do we need to put forward reasons as to why Mark Zuckerberg is ruling it as an entrepreneur? Facebook is owning it since more than a decade and now it is acquiring other social media platforms as well. Despite of numerous other social media platforms, facebbok still stands at the center of the business and is expected to rule for real long.

5. Reed Hastings
The very founder of Netflix and chill! Who imagined that TV could have been replaced a few years back? What started as DVD by mail rental service has now come up to be platform of award winning series and films.

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