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“What should I wear to the interview?” is the question everyone asks to themselves. While creating an impression that lasts forever is what you seek, do you know what is the mantra for doing that.

Tips for dressing professionally according to the new dress codes.

Well, “Authenticity is about filtering less, posturing less, being more open about your thoughts and beliefs, and more uncensored in how you look and behave.”

1. Be yourself:

Being just impressive is not the key to crack the interview, the current trend says that you need to present yourself the way you are. If you are a good designer, make the employer believe that you excel in the presentation. Dressing like someone you are not isn’t advisable. Thus, don’t make efforts to excuse yourself from authenticity.

2. Finding the right look for the role:

Being real and presentable isn’t sufficient to make an impression to the employers it is significant that you understand the role for which you are going for an interview and you definitely need to prepare your look keeping that in consideration.

3. Projecting credibility through your style:

Well, it is advisable that one present consistency in what they wear and what aura they present to the employer. There shouldn’t be a contrasting difference between what you wear and how you communicate.

Thus, while looking good is important the new trend says it is just not enough because being authentic and consistent is what employers are looking in 2020.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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