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In the changing work- culture employees are no longer bonded to work in a rigid work environment. It is a common phenomenon where employees prefer organizations that have a flexible work environment over those organizations which prefer to control where, when and how they work. In a study conducted by the International Workplace Group, it was revealed that 80% of the workforce globally chooses the workplace which has flexible workplace policy and will turn down the offer of the organizations which do not offer the same.

a. Resource scheduling: Resource scheduling ‘refers to the set of actions and methodology used by organizations to efficiently assign the resources they have to jobs, tasks or projects they need to complete, and the schedule starts and end dates for each task or project based on resource availability”. Employers can now manage resources by assigning work away from workspaces as employees prefer to work away from the location
b. In-house mentors for leadership development: The changing workplace demands leaders who can creatively handle teams in the work culture which would be redesigned according to AI and robotics. This development of leadership skills requires a pool of in-house mentors who can train the leaders.
c. Diversity of workplaces: The new work culture demands inclusivity. Hiring managers need to be more sensitive while hiring talents. They need to keep a check on gender ratio ensuring that no one is neglected during hiring. There needs to be a check on policies that looks after the training, growth, and development of every individual in the organization.

HR needs to employ the technology in hiring, learning process and growth and development of talents.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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