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Western TV series are known as the most realistic and fantastic television series in the whole world. But today, we are going to compare our extraordinary Hindi TV serials with most famous Western TV series in the world. No doubt, our Indian serials are extremely pathetic than the western TV serials but still, just get ready for this courageous task.
Today, we will be going to compare our little baby i.e. Hindi serials with big giant i.e. western TV series on the basis of their Name, Storyline, Characters and many more things. Let’s just begin the ultimate battle. It’s ShowTime
1) Flash V/S Hero: Bhakti Hee Shakti
If we talk about the Logo, Indian hero has more spark in him but more spark doesn't denote a good storyline. Hero, please start acting like a hero.Thank You
2) Sherlock V/S Agent Raghav
According to the show, Agent Raghav can sense any crime scene, sounds very similar to Detective Sherlock but someone tells Agent Raghav that stop acting like Sherlock because he can't. R.I.P Sherlock and Mr.Watson.
3) Marvel Daredevil V/S Sasural Simar Ka
I know that's really weird comparison but believe me in SASURAL SIMAR KA actress can turn into any creature, for example; she can turn into any animal, insect etc. This surely gives a huge competition to our all Marvel serial character. Sorry Marvel, please develop some more new heroes which can beat Indian BAHU'S.
4) Dexter V/S Saubhagyawati Bhava
India has its own psychopaths they don't do any murder, don't do any violation but they only try to steal your wife that's it. Dexter, I feel Pitty for you.
5) Modern Family V/S Chidiya Ghar
No need of modernisation and world class melodrama when you simply have CHIDIYA GHAR(ZOO) on your T.V screen. Just watch and Enjoy.
6) Once upon a time V/S Kasauti zindagi ki
I bet no one can beat Indian VAMPS. Believe me, they are more toxic than real vampires. They don't need black costumes, long teeth etc. All they want is MAKEUP MAKEUP AND MAKEUP.
7) Sex n the City V/S Humko tumse ho gya hai pyar kya kare
Indian serials still figuring out that after loving someone what should they do but on the other hand western serials are quite clear about. You know what I mean to say......Yes, you right "BULLSEYE"
8) American horror story V/S Ye kali kali raatein
"YE KALI KALI RAATEIN"(dark nights) please somebody tells the Indian serial industry that it is scientifically proved that NIGHTS are always dark but no, I guess they have a different equation on this point. Please stick to your story at least. Thumps up to American Horror Story.
9) Homeland V/S C.I.D
If one mix world's most lame stories with the worst logic than the result will definitely come out like C.I.D serial. Homeland keep on shocking us with new seasons and for CID - "Please get a life DUDE"
10) Games of Thrones V/S Balika Vadhu
The final showdown with the biggest giant which is GOT. in this marvelous series the story revolves around the FIGHT for the throne but here in BALIKA VADHU the pattern is same that both BAHU'S fights for a throne and that throne is "WHO IS THE BETTER BAHU". Like seriously? " HEY UPAR WALE HUME BACHA LE"
I know it’s really hard to handle these pathetic comparisons but always remember this legendary line from Mr. Shah Rukh Khan that states, “KEHTE HAI HUMKO PYAR SE INDIA WALE”.
So be wise and be sincere while choosing your entertainment options. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more humorous information.
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