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Love cannot be defined or described in any type of relationship status. It’s just a flow of feelings and emotions which glides into various routes according to the direction of wind of situations. In our day to day life, we face many problematic situations that arrive and walk away with our relationship. Whether one is having a LIVE-IN relationship or is married, in both the situations one may face many problems, for sure. If you are a young blood and want to explore more before taking any further action then you must read the upcoming comparison of both the LIVE-IN relationship and Married life.
Let’s just discuss some points that always act like a sensible debate on both LIVE-IN relationship and Married life.
Can be crazy at any time
After getting married couples start thinking and taking things very sensibly and fix their each action according to the situation but on the contrary, in Live- ins, one can get crazy at any time as there is a little less tension in comparison to the married life. But if we deeply think over the relation I guess, always carefree behavior might be very injuries to LOVE.
Debate on cooking
In India, a patriarchal country, many Men (not every) after marriage never want to enter kitchen and cook but in LIVE IN relationship couples act very sensibly and help their partner in household chores- from washing clothes to cooking food. Always remember, Be it anything, always help your partner.
Independence of moving out
In a live- in relationship, couples are totally free to move anywhere, like they don’t have any other third person from whom they will have to take permission. On the other hand, in married life mostly (not always), one have to take permission from parents, elder brother, relatives, etc. But still both are the good sides of the love life.
Salary Usage
In this competitive world, it has become a basic need for both men and women to earn for their better lifestyle, but in LIVE IN relation, couple show more carefree behavior towards their earnings. They do not make any future plans for their salary usage. But after getting married, usually salary is spent wisely on household things. Also, an important factor that means a lot to couples is saving the money, which is a good sign of happy and safe future.
Securities and Insecurities
There is a huge chance of insecurity in couples who are in a LIVE IN relationship, if they are not fully prepared for their future. On the other hand, married couples are quite more secured.
Complete or Partial bonding
Sometimes couples in LIVE IN state that “we are not married, I will do break up at any time”, but married couples mostly reconcile when both the parties tend to negotiate on many things. This helps them to become stable at a particular place.
Sense of responsibilities
Partner is the only responsibility in LIVE IN relationship but responsibilities after marriage shift towards everyone. Responsibility for taking care of IN-LAWS, family, children, etc becomes one’s priority. So, in term of responsibility LIVE IN relation is more fun than the married.
In the end, I have to conclude that there is neither a winner nor a loser in any of the relationship. Love can’t be measured in figures or numbers. Do respect each and every form of love Always remember, “its love and only love that makes the world go round”.
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Author: - Adnan Alam
Image Designed by Vikas Kakkar
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