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If we have to choose amongst the most valuable feeling in life, love is gonna be at the top of the list. It’s a beautiful feeling that’s bestowed upon humanity, and we cannot stop ourselves from falling into it. We bet you have fallen in love for at least once (or twice, in my case, it’s infinite) in life.
So, what follows love?
That brings along an indefinite set of chaos and mixed emotions. Sometimes we achieve a perfect relationship, and at other times things fall apart. Well, we are not here to talk about the fundamentals of relationship but talk about things that each one of us goes through in relationships, and these memes perfectly sum it for all.
When it's new, and you experience things for the first time.
And then they accept you for the way you are!
Times spent together are never enough, and you wish for a bit more, to just hug or kiss once more.
But then, when she gets angry, it freaks you out.
And you chase them without giving much of thought.
You realize how important of a minute.
And then she gets a lil crazy.
But mind you, never ignore her texts. I repeat, DO NOT IGNORE HER TEXTS
You get moments where you feel special
At night, no one hangs up.
And then, the shit gets real, but you do it because she’s worth it!
Sometimes they make insane rules
Follow them, or you never know what's gonna follow
And then it hurts not to be referred as BAE.
After all its love, and you miss her when she isn’t around.
She is the reason you smile even in worst of your days.
You might get troubled in front of her parents
And remember, you have to hear. No matter the time or occasion
Abort all your friendship missions.
Because there no better gift than love that lasts
Wait, for all those who are single af like me, here's a treat for you guys.
Disclaimer: All images have been sourced from google, and we do not hold copyright for these images.
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