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India is a mystical land and there has been so many mysteries linked with such a vast land, originating from its colossal past, speckled people and such a large landmass. Many of these mysteries have been covered in earlier answers. Mystery just got even more mysterious! Witness legends that will shock the hell out of you and mysteries that will leave you stunned. Yes…Believe it or NOT
Who made world 1 airplane? I am sure your answer will be The Wright brothers. But you must check your records because according to certain aged articles of Times of India and Deccan Herald are to be believed, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade might be the first man to invent the plane in 1895.
And that too, he did that more or less a decade in advance of the Wright Brothers, who are in fact recognized for the innovation. Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, born in Maharashtra, allegedly constructed and flew an unmanned plane called MarutSakha in 1895, before it ultimately crashed. It is said that he obtained the designs from his Guru and the aircraft supposedly had a mercury ion engine. It is also said that he couldn’t go ahead with his archetype plane due to lack of funds. Hence, no credit for his accomplishment was ever awarded to him.
The Himalayas have always been associated with mysteries because of its difficult terrain and inhabitable climate. But the legend has it that the world’s mightiest mount range is a dwelling to Gyanganj—a city of immortals and enlightened beings.
Very old Indian and Tibetan fables say that this place is a city of unexplained eternal beings that cannot be revealed by common men. It also said that the city is so well imperceptible that no up to date mapping system can identify the place. It is said that it is a place of tranquillity and eventual awareness. Nurturing the faith is the legendary Indian god-man called Sai Kaka Guru. He once mentioned in a meeting “I have been to Gyanganj several times over the past half decade.” Many sadhus and mahatmas state that their mysterious knowledge stems from Gyanganj.
And here we are talking about a small village Kuldhara, which is about 15kms west of Jaisalmer. For over 500 years, about 1,500 inhabitants populated this village. One night, they all just vanished. They neither died nor got abducted – they just disappeared. The cause for their abrupt mass departure is lost in time.
Some say that a wicked cleric or dewan in the ruling empire once saw the daughter of the village leader and decided to marry her. He even sent the chief a cut-off date for the wedding, after which he would compellingly enter the hamlet and take the chief’s daughter away with him.
It is believed that all the chiefs of 84 villages met one night and for the sake of their pride and respect, decided to run off the villages in the dark of the night. According to myth, the people who were dead due to a brutal cause haunt the village, according to paranormal investigators who have experienced some very bizarre events in the place. Whether all of this is true or not, the rural community has surely gained a terrifying reputation. It remains abandoned to this very day, and no one has even thought of living a new life there all over again.
A freezing lake full of hundreds of skeletons scattered across its length. Also famous as the Lake of Skeletons, the Roopkund Lake lies about 16500 ft. above the sea level at the most ramshackle place between The Great Himalayas.
The skeletal remnants first came to notice in 1942, when a British forest guard discovered a disturbing number of human being skeletons floating in the water and lying chaotically along the lake’s boundaries after the ruthless summer that year had melted off most of the frost from the lake. The skeletons indicate that a horrific story happened over here.
At first, it was believed to be the relics of Japanese soldiers killed at war. But then in 2004, it was revealed that the bare bones dated back to 850 AD. But what caused such an enormous death of hundreds of populace all at once? fable has it that a Goddess, fuming by the defiling (damaging the purity) of her mountain safe haven, rained death upon these people by flinging hailstorms at them, that was described to be ‘solid as iron balls’. The relics can still be seen as the frost over the lake melts off all through summers.
And at last,
Sorry, I am just kidding!
However, the earth was round even when it was understood to be flat. Things proved are right only till an updated proof emerges, things not yet proved aren't necessarily wrong.
There’s more to the above mysteries, there’s still a lot more which is veiled and kept a secret from us. These stories are not generally discussed because many of us do not know where they lead us and the rest are still looking for a solid answer. Till then, enjoy the void.
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