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In this strange world, every day we confront many odd days as well as odd people. The best thing is to celebrate those days in various special manners. Today is 18th August and the special thing about this day is that it’s a “Bad Poetry day”. Since childhood, we used to learn different rhymes and poems in different language. So, let’s celebrate this bad poetry day in a very bad manner. Pick up the pen and write whatever you like, because it’s a perfect day to calm down your senses.
Get ready to read some of the worst poetry in Desi style:
Hope you’ve also got motivated after reading these pathetic poems. Do comment some novel and lame poems in our comment box and don’t forget to like and share.
Happy Bad Poetry Day!
From Team Lopscoop
Image Poems and Author – Adnan Alam
Image designer – Vikas Kakkar.
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