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Obsession with technology has changed the lives of today’s children. From playing Blue Whale Challenge game to constantly remain attached on social networking sites, thus technology addiction is killing our children. Teenagers are becoming more and more isolated as they are constantly surrounded by technological advancements. And it’s these electronic gadgets and new habits that have created huge problems for teenagers.
In order to curb these activities, we have come up the list of suggestions that teenagers should follow to counter technology addiction.
#1. Remove Blue Whale Challenge Game
Another teenager has committed suicide in Kerala and this time again, it was due to the Blue Whale Challenge game. The increasing number of teenage suicides in the country establishes the fact that technology has made children vulnerable to such threats. Government has already directed internet majors - Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo - to immediately remove links of the 'dangerous' online game, in the country in order "to save precious lives". Children should also stop playing this game anymore.
#2. Use Sarahah Wisely
Latest viral sensation app Sarahah has raised concerns about cyberbullying. A new app that’s becoming popular with teenagers has gone into the wrong hands and they are now using it for online bullying. If you face such abuses and online threats consistently, you should report the matter to cyber police.
#3. Limit the usage on social networks
Social media addiction has become a serious issue with teenagers as these websites have changed the discourse of social interaction leading to social isolation. Otherwise humans are a social species and to develop, learn and grow human relationship, meet the real people, your perception about the whole world will change.
#4. Adopt new habits
Technology has also changed the way we seek to learn things and remember information. With constant streams of information, coming from various sources it has become difficult for human brain to understand everything simultaneously. Slow down the processes and do only one task at one time before heading to another.
#5. Experience real fun
Playing fun games on internet is fine but kids having obsession with games like clash of the clans can have deleterious effect on everything from studies to their psychological understanding. Clash of the clans is such a game that needs constant attention. It is a game for adults not for kids. Instead, engage with those activities that have real fun.
#6. Consult parents when in confusion
Do you have any idea how much time you are spending chatting online? What if you could spend this time wisely? Teenagers also face constant pressure as they are eager to explore new ideas. This is where parents should talk to their kids and have meaning conversations related with their personal lives.
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Design Credits By Vikas Kakkar
Concept and Author : Aaqib Javeed
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