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A relationship over a time becomes your second skin; it kinda grows on you, penetrates deep in you and shapes you as a person. But when a relationship that was close to a life time falls apart, the baggage that comes with it is not only heavier, it's almost individuality altering.
These are some of the things I learnt during my transformation:
1. Nobody actually gives a f**k
And that's not an awful thing. It's just the harsh truth. With time, the whole thing will be a far-away memory.
It may seem like the end of the world to you but look around. Everyone's got their own muddle to clear out. Sure, your friends and family will be there for you more than normal and strive as much as they can to make you feel recovered, but they will not be able to do anything with your lack of knack to function due to the catastrophe. You will have to pick the pieces by your own self. You're the horse at the watering hole. When you're feeling the thirst, you'll drink up.
2. There is going to be hatred and that's just the manner it is
You can expect, plead, and do what on earth is in your control to end it completely, but there will always be some amount of negativity between the two of you.
It doesn't matter how close you were at a time, the equation has changed. Even if your ex-wants to understand you - he/she can't. It's their self-resistance mechanism. Just keep in mind that you can live with it. And you will.
3. Your ex can't give you the closure you need, it's you who have to get it!
Looking back may not give you the closing you look for, but looking at will.
Its very important to comprehend that just back a being puts in pains, does not mean that the consequence will be in their favor. The cosmos works in puzzling ways. You can't understand it, you can only agree to it. So let your mind, body and heart hurt. Once you heal, conclusion will come to you on its own.
4. You will start to overlook, gradually but certainly
One day you will awaken and not think about your ex. With time, a day will go by, then a week, and then a month. One year you may even not recall their birthday. Dates will start to grow fainter away. Photographs won't be as sore to see. The deja vu will end too. Your wits will not recall the gloomy sense it felt when on earth you had any thought pertaining to them.
And whilst you do, don't over-think it. Let your body flow with the present in its place of the past.
5. There will be a different love ahead of you for you
You may never want to get lovingly occupied again or you may be eager to give partnerships another attempt as soon as you feel better. But irrespective of those, you will most undeniably recognize your self-worth zillion times more. Even if you hardly manage to keep your wisdom unbroken, you will feel like a warrior. You will be amazed by how much your brain can be on your side when you need it to show up for you. Once your confidence increases, you'll reach heights you weren't yet able to grasp before.
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