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Whenever one enter in the office it’s seems like he/she just entered in a different world, just like the Narnia world in the hidden Wardrobe. We see many different-different creatures in our office. Now let's just talk about the problems & actions created by those office creatures that instantly helps in spoiling one mood very quickly and silently. Apart from that, if you are an office going guy/girl you must experienced many problems during your career, today let just portray some of the actions, conditions, situations that definitely ruined your good mood at office:
Never order burger or some food item in office. If you mistakenly done this mistake than just raise your head once and realize your mistake. RIP burger.
One of the hardest things in office life, when government approved holiday clashes with a Weekend.
One of the ugliest truth that really hard to believe & in this situation one only asks this question with God “why”!
Office become less interesting if there is no tall & good looking guy. Sorry for those girls who face this tragedy.
There must be a machine who can tell the inner feelings to our respected boss and HR.
This one is hilarious that you never expect this terrible thing and this definitely spoil your mood for sure.
Sometimes it’s become like a jail situation when AC don’t work there and one must have to finish its target.
Believe me it’s the most dangerous punishment one face, when Internet do not work properly and the work what you actually had at that time is to play Dinosaur game at Google chrome explorer.
Hope all office going guy/girls can relate to these problems and understand the core reason why these situations, actions spoiled one mood for sure.
Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more interesting and entertaining updates & do comment below your own reason that how and who spoil your mood in office.
Image Text & Author – Adnan Alam.
Image designed – Vikas Kakkar.
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