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“In wine, there is wisdom, in beer, there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.” ― Benjamin Franklin
Disclaimer: We are not here to encourage alcohol consumption, just helping to spread awareness!
Before I tell you the paybacks, let me get one thing instantly. Anything in surplus is risky. The same applies to alcohol. If consumed every day, alcohol can grave harm.
But if you're careful about the quantity you drink, alcohol can also have some major benefits. Yes, you read that right!
From beer for your hair to red wine for your blood flow, we've all heard of these profits. But the good things aren't just limited to beer and wine. Tequila and Gin to is known to give you key health benefits. Just that most people don't know about them.
It’s Friday so sit back , relax and scroll through-
It has been confirmed through research that wine drinkers have a 34% lesser death rate than spirit drinkers.
The barley that is used in the brewing of beer contains 'Betaglucan', a kind of soluble fiber that is verified to aid in lowering cholesterol levels.
Research shows that this liquor has no fat and a modest amount of sodium. The little calories it contains are in the form of alcohol and the left over quantity is in sugars that are used by the body for power.
Brandy falls under the category of ‘hard alcoholic drinks’ and contains 30-60 percent alcohol by volume. Not everyone drinks brandy, but if you do we have a good news for you.
Vodka has a sleep inducing result, which is proven by a research to be superior to that of Red Wine. This effect leads to the soothing of the brain and helps you calm down.
Rum, like whiskey, works as a blood-thinner and it also increases HDL cholesterol, also famous for its 'Good Cholesterol'.
Tequila contains a form of sugar, agavins, that if consumed in modest amounts can lead to weight loss. This sugar leads to a lot of calories passing the body without getting consumed and thus leads to weight loss.
Gin is made out of compounds that aids with joint pains, loss of tissue, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Go, drink to glory!
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