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The one person who reshaped the music style in 70s and 80s apart from that he is among the biggest pop star of his era, he is none another than Michael Jackson. He created that kind of songs which stayed at the top of the chart for almost 5 years. A legend star with a humble personality did many social works for black and poor people. He was considered as one of the best artists who presented himself on Mtv. He broke every record in selling albums. He literally lived the life in KINGS size. But his words are more precious than any other thing in his life.
On the occasion of his birthday, let’s find out some of the outstanding sayings by the King of Pop-Star:
Perfect saying for every common people, if you really want to learn something, do examine.
If you really want to bring the change in this world than do start from yourself.
Be yourself, have always faith in yourself.
Believing in yourself is the biggest weapon. Never become over confident but never let down your confidence.
An exceptional quote from the legend that tells many deep ideas of life.
Life is pure, Divine power always affects our life.
It’s not only the song rhythm but a life rhythm which tell everyone to dance or sing on every beat which life gives us. Whether low or high.
Innocence always makes a person more humble and kind. Do maintain your innocence in your life.
Happy birthday to one of the greatest personalities – MJ. Hope kind words from Michael Jackson also helped you to lead and think about the life in far better manner.
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Image Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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