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Happy Birthday to the talented veteran actor of Bollywood, Rishi Kapoor. The legacy and the filmography of Rishi Kapoor is astonishing, but every actor faces many up’s and down in his career. Rishi Kapoor also faced many up’s and down in his life. On his birthday let’s just bring out some of the turning points of his life. Today we will discuss the movies which totally saved the life of Rishi Kapoor’s career and the movies that completely ruined the career of Rishi Kapoor.
Here are some up’s & down of his filmy life.
Bobby(1973) – ZindaDil(1975)
Bobby is considered as one the best movie in the career of Rishi Kapoor but on other hand ZindaDil is considered worst movie of his career. The plot of double role completely ruined the essence and script of the movie.
Ragila Ratan(1976) – Hum Kissi Se KamNhi(1977)
There is no Rageela at all in the character of Rishi Kapoor, directed by a south Indian director completely ruined the whole story but after this failure Rishi Kapoor acted in Hum Kissi Se KamNhi, which turns out to be the finest movie of that decade.
Karz(1980) – Anmol(1993)
Who can forget the amazing tunes of KARZ and how can one forget the legendary story line of Karz but after this successful movie Rishi Kapoor again made a terrible mistake by selecting this movie in 1993 named Anmol.
Chandni(1989) – Rangbhoomi(1991)
In 1989 Chandni won many prestigious awards and Rishi Kapoor was named as one of the finest actor of Bollywood but after that Rangbhoomi got terribly failed to entertain the Indian audience. Rangbhoomi was based on the concept of Mumbai’s life, money, and prostitutes. Jeetendra & Shatrugan played a key role in the movie but after having so much of stars, movie came out as complete failure.
Luck By Chance(2009) – Agneepath(2012)
In the new period Rishi Kapoor did various roles along with the young actors but the movie with Farhan Akhtar named Luck by chance came out as a big flop for all the stars. But in 2012 Rishi Kapoor did one of his best acting parts in any movie ever. In the movie AGNEEPATH, Rishi Kapoor completely blows the audience mind by doing negative role named “RAUF LALA”.
Hope his career always set milestone for other actors. We wish the veteran actor Happy Birthday.
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Written by Adnan Alam
Image Designer Vikas Kakkar
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