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We have always heard (just before the movie is going to start in cinema halls) that smoking is injurious to health and smoking cigarettes causes cancer but there are lot more big and huge problems that are caused by smoking. Today we will showcase some of the funny situations and problems that only caused by the smoking cigarettes.
P.S – It’s a funny illustration but do understand the problem of a smoker, life is too hard for being a smoker.
It’s one of the weirdest things in the world that how much a smoker try to exhale the smoke opposite to non smoker but smoke finally ends at the face of NON SMOKER’S face.
Hiding the smell of cigarettes is very difficult especially with the family members and your beloved girlfriend.
One of the hardest task is that when you have “Ciggi” but don’t have the FIRE to fire.
Cigarette is not only meant for time pass, it’s a type of need that one person needs to work perfectly.
At the end month all the office going person face this problem & believe me it’s heartbreaking.
What will you do if you face this problem; I guess no answer at all.
Pray that no smoker will face this problem and RIP to those smokers who already faced this problem.
We hope that now all the non-smokers will understand the true feelings of SMOKER. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image designed by Vikas Kakkar.
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